Which contentious issues are NOT partisan?

"Suppose each party contains a coalition of disparate interest groups. Then an issue will be non-partisan if it splits the voters in each party. Thus affluent GOP suburbanites and Democratic public school teachers may both oppose school vouchers, while free market ideologues (GOP) and minority parents may support them.

Home building may be supported by younger and minority voters (Dem) who can’t afford a home, and also by free market ideologues plus building contractors (GOP). Occupational licensing may be supported by affluent GOP professionals and also by Democratic union members, and opposed by free market ideologues plus minority voters.

When issues are non-partisan, they become invisible to the media. That creates a distorted perception among voters. Many of the most important issues facing America don’t even come up in debate, as they are not seen as part of the political war between the parties. As parties become more tribal, they shy away from these non-partisan issues, in fear of alienating members of their own party."