The school choice supported by the teacher unions

"The legislation is also a response to the growing body of research that suggests where children grow up significantly impacts their outcomes later in life. For example, a study led by Raj Chetty’s Opportunity Insights found that young children in low-income families who used a housing voucher to move to a lower poverty neighborhood were much more likely to attend college and can increase lifetime earnings by as much as $300,000. Another study found that housing vouchers boosted academic outcomes for students in New York City.

The bill also reflects an emerging political consensus that helping families move to higher opportunity areas through stable, affordable housing can help move them out of poverty and up the economic ladder. AEI’s Michael Strain has suggested offering a federal subsidy for long-term unemployed workers in lagging economic regions to move to areas with better job prospects. The liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) has argued that housing vouchers boost economic mobility. The Trade Adjustment Assistance program — reauthorized under several administrations — allows workers displaced due to certain trade agreements to file for reimbursement of up to 90 percent of the moving expenses when they secure employment in another city."