“The Best Books I Read in 2019”

"An Introduction to Hans Urs von Balthasar by Matthew Levering; Catholic University of America Press, 2019.

Introductions to the works of Balthasar can often be as dense as Balthasar himself, but this one is user-friendly! Levering zeroed in on Balthasar’s trilogy and then narrowed the scope even further to the first books in each of the three sub-sections of the 15 volume trilogy: the theological aesthetics, the theo-dramatics and the theo-logic. Levering posits the idea that the Theological Aesthetics can be read as a Kantian Critique of Kant, the Theo-Drama as a Hegelian Critique of Hegel, and the Theo-Logic as a Nietzschean Critique of Nietzsche. This is a really helpful introduction for theology students."