Richard Reinsch on Rubio’s ‘materialistic’ industrial policy

"Many people in their wedding vows promise to stay with their spouses “in riches or poverty” — are we to blame economic causes when they don’t? Even granting Rubio’s economic claims (which, again, Reinsch ably refutes), if marriages aren’t able to endure through material hardship, shouldn’t we rather ask ourselves what that says about our culture of romance, our churches’ pastoral counseling, consumerism, spiritual formation, or any other more directly relevant issues?

To reduce everything to economics is to take the Marxist posture of an answer searching for a question, almost like a self-help charlatan: “What is it that bothers you? Marriage on the rocks? Addicted to opiods? Depressed? Suicidal? Whatever it is, I know the cause: your economic condition. And I know the cure: industrial policy.”"