How to Guarantee Higher College Tuition Costs

"Excessive spending seems a likelier explanation for these big increases than diminished state support. Overall, BSU’s budget grew from around $250 million in the mid-2000s to nearly $550 million today, an increase of well over 100 percent, while full-time enrollment has expanded only 21 percent. BSU spends some of this bounty on athletics. It also spends on student services, including cultural events and a diversity apparatus, which have increased by 214 percent over the same period. The budgetary portion dedicated to instruction fell to just above 26 percent, from 32 percent in the mid-2000s.

Layers of “institutional support” further drive up costs (5.6 percent of the budget in 2004, compared with 8.8 percent last year). Between the 2004 and 2018 academic years, the number of highly paid administrators increased from 29 to 44, while the managerial and professional staff more than doubled, from 255 to 543. If we exclude those associated with athletics, 65 employees at Boise State earn an average of $181,000—more than Governor Brad Little."