China exports its ‘social credit’ system to Venezuela

"However, three years ago the 1984 nightmare reemerged, as the government again considered creating its own social credit system. Last year, the Venezuelan government – driven to bankruptcy more by its own socialist follies than U.S. sanctions – hired ZTE Corp. to create a national ID system to protect “national security.” With food scarce, medicine nonexistent, and inflation beyond measure, the Nicolás Maduro regime is spending $70 million to create a national database and mobile payment system. “A team of ZTE employees is now embedded in a special unit within Cantv, the Venezuelan stat telecommunications company that manages the database,” reported Reuters.

No one believes that the program is innocent. Already, the regime distributes heavily subsidized food boxes for its political advantage. Maduro’s cronies, under siege at home and abroad, are almost certainly seeking to monitor Venezuelans and improve the government’s ability to reward and punish them accordingly. The system, reported Reuters, “stores such details as birthdays, family information, employment and income, property owned, medical history, state benefits received, presence on social media, membership of a political party and whether a person voted.” This information is obviously useful for a repressive government and correspondingly dangerous for individuals."