The gift of the Incarnation

"The Magi from the East would also receive the announcement of the incarnation, but in a more subtle and obscure form: by way of a star in the East, which, “…went before them till it came to rest over the place where the child was.” (Matt. 2:9) It is a wondrous thought to contemplate that these Magi, who were really primitive astronomers, received the announcement of human redemption by means of their own work: the study of the heavens.

The word “mundane” is usually taken to denote something uninteresting or boring, but the root of the word, mundum, means that which pertain to our world. The lesson here is that in our ordinary lives, in our mundane existence, God can be found. This is what Emmanuel means. This discovery can also be made in our giving and receiving during this season in particular. Receive His gifts with a thankful heart this Christmas and find your rest in Him. Merry Christmas."