Social media is not promoting a diversity of ideas: Just look at our college students

"In the AEI survey, in answer to a question about one’s willingness to publicly express one’s views about political campaigns online, only about a quarter (24 percent) of Gen Zers, report sharing political content online, while around a third of older generations — that is, Millennials and Gen Xers — admit to posting political posts online. While there are well known online engagement differences based on ideology, these are average group percentages and they happen to be remarkably low for a digital generation that is constantly connected and online in some form. In fact, this negligible online level of political activism follows a larger trend where the norm for Gen Zers appears to be minimal political engagement.

The data reveal minimal effects about the impact of social media in fostering interactions among people who “share similar outlooks or interests” or “people or groups who share different outlooks or interests.”"