On papal flight, Pope Francis talks Vatican financial scandal

"“Peter’s Pence should be spent in one year, one year and a half, until the other collection arrives which is made world-wide. And this is good administration,” he said, but added that the Church must be ethical in its use of funds. “If from Peter’s Pence you invest in a weapons factory, the pence is not a pence there, eh?”

Even investment in an apartment building can be fine, he said, under the right circumstances. “But with sureties, with all of the safeties, for the good of the people of the Pence.”

“Then, it passed what passed: a scandal,” Francis said in response to a question about the London investment. “They have done things that do not seem clean.”

The pope did not clarify who was intended by “they,” or what they did which was not “clean.” He went on to say that he was encouraged that internal reporting mechanisms appeared to be working and that the reports of corruption “did not come from the outside.”"