An encyclical on China and the US?

"[I]f Rerum Novarum remains relevant for domestic economic policy in the United States (and I think it does), then what might be the best encyclical to go to for insights into China and the US today?

I’d like to hear suggestions for Sen. Rubio in the comments.

For my part, first I thought perhaps Pacem et Terris. Then, I considered Populorum Progressio.

But after a bit more reflection, I think I have my recommendation for Sen. Rubio: Centesimus Annus, the centennial successor to Rerum Novarum. John Paul II’s 1991 encyclical is in many ways directly relevant to contemporary considerations concerning China and the US. It has to do with capitalism and socialism, the Cold War, materialism, secularism, and religious faith in the modern world."