Advice on Writing

"When you’re going along writing and you need a reference for something you’re saying but you’re 70% or more sure that you have the idea right, don’t stop and check the reference. In fact, put a little TK in there with a note or two about the reference(s) you want to check. (The editors at Fortune taught me this trick when I wrote a lot for Fortune in the late 1980s.) Then on days where you’ve done your 1 or 2-hour minimum, use some less cerebral time to fill in those references.

Also, you may be writing on one idea and then you think of something else that belongs in the chapter but not in the part you’re writing. Write it down. That will also help jog your thinking when you get to that part. And the beauty of it is that it’s already one quarter or one third done. That’s the beauty of writing in 2019 instead of 1976, when I did most of my writing on my dissertation. Word is a wonderful software because it’s so easy to just stick things in and move them around."