A Path Toward Getting Rid of Social Security

"Therefore, I would rather consider a modernized UBA, which Americans long enjoyed in the form of free or heavily subsidized land, most of which was indeed nearly worthless until it was worked. A UBA program today might promise every American land, a health savings/retirement account, an investment endowment/business startup grant, an education grant, or some combination thereof, worth a total of $X upon mere attainment of some age Y, or a younger age upon passing a stringent financial literacy test. (Yes, I see this as a Nudge to induce more people to learn more about consumer finance!)

Unlike a life annuity/UBI, UBA would require work to improve the land, run a company, pick and monitor investments, earn a wage until retirement, or attend university or trade school and then develop a career. While lenders may allow UBI recipients to capitalize their annuities in order to fund education, real estate, business, or financial asset acquisition, UBI recipients would remain beholden to the government and hence have incentives to exert political pressure to maintain or increase UBI payments."