Sociological Versus Values Conservatism

"And therefore, Hoppe can complete his synthesis between his Rothbardianism and sociological conservatism by observing that conservatism (which tends to be “empiricistic, sociological, and descriptive”) focuses on “families, authority, communities, and social ranks while libertarianism (which is “rationalistic, philosophical, logical, and constructivist”) focuses on the “concepts of property, production, exchange, and contract.” And therefore the former is the “concretization” of the latter. Conservatism needs a theory (Burke himself, after all, referred to something transcendental in his criticism of Warren Hastings’s actions in India) and libertarianism needs a sociological setting that is, a natural and physical order. If conservatism desires to return to a “moral and cultural normalcy,” it needs propertarianism’s consistent and defensible antistatism."