Max Zahn's Zinger

"So read an email I received from Max Zahn last Wednesday. I called back and we arranged to talk early Thursday morning. You might think that with his statement, “I would like to speak with you today on the topic,” that he meant the topic he mentioned in the previous sentence, namely “President Trump’s economic performance so far.” When I called him Thursday morning, I asked him if he had contacted me because he had seen my two Defining Ideas pieces (here and here) on Trump’s economic performance. He said yes. Then he asked me to say what I had said in the articles.

That’s sometimes a red flag. It can mean that he wants to get me talking so that he can move on to other things. It can also mean that he wants me to come up with slightly different ways of saying what I said in the article so that he can honestly say that he was quoting me instead of just referencing the article."