Do classical liberals ‘pave the way for white nationalists’?

"Schmitz writes that opposing censorship assumes “that we cannot and should not distinguish between good and evil, argument and obscenity, truth and falsehood.”

But it is precisely this distinction – something the Greek patristic fathers called διάκρισις, or discernment – that every believer must cultivate. Christianity best expresses itself, not by silencing dissent, but by confounding it. Light distinguishes itself in contrast with the darkness.

Free speech is merely an accelerant for thought. If Schmitz bans one, he inhibits the other. Since God created the human person with a rational soul, capable of reason and designed for “thinking God’s thoughts after Him” (as Kepler put it), anything short of freedom to choose the good and reject evil is unworthy of human dignity. A forced faith is no faith."