Business, The Economy, And The New Effort To Enshrine Nationalism

"My question for most who attended the economic session is this: Do you really think that family, religion, manufacturing, etc. are doing better in countries with high tariffs and national industrial policies? Certainly we can find exceptions, as with some of the center-right policies in Central and Eastern Europe, but in most cases family, religion and manufacturing are not stronger in countries with protectionist policies. Compare Chile, open for free trade, with Argentina, which is not open. Moreover, if this movement is successful in helping create national industrial policies, are their leaders and supporters aware that when political winds take the nation further to the left, it will be socialists with anti-conservative values deciding who wins and loses?

Will the effort to define and strengthen “national conservatism” pose a major danger to business? Perhaps. But people like Thiel, Cranberg and Vance are not enemies of the free economy. While the two main conveners, Yoram Hazony and David Brog, chairman and president of the Edmund Burke Foundation, seem to have a clear view of how the script should be written, most of the other speakers have their own ideas and agendas."