Nine artists who hated their own albums

"Oasis thought the songs on Be Here Now were too long. The Beatles could have done without the strings on Let It Be. But Prince? Prince was convinced his 1987 album The Black Album was actually evil – and refused to release it.

The record was originally intended to be a follow-up to 1987’s masterpiece Sign O’ The Times, and aimed at a black audience after a string of more poppier releases. Before the album was due to be released – entirely in black, with no title or credit – it had been referred to in press releases as The Funk Bible. But then came an unforeseen obstacle: Prince had what was described as a “spiritual epiphany” and believed the album was created by an evil entity called Spooky Electric. He refused to release it, even as bootlegs started selling for enormous amounts of money.

In 1994, his label Warners finally released the album as a strictly limited-edition release (it was deleted months later) but Prince retained a distance towards his “haunted” record."