Reflections on Imaginative Conservatism

"The imaginative conservatism of such thinking is near neighbor to radicalism–not, I repeat not, extremism, which is a sort of secular fanaticism, aggressive all-outism, all-or-nothingism; nor even the insipid heterodoxy, cluelessly advocated by educators, called “questioning”–of situations, assumptions, elders. Questioning is secular inquisition, sneakily hostile inquiry. Its intention is to skewer the object and barbecue it. It is antithetical to question-asking, the central non-technique of reflection. A question affirms, at least as a starting point, the matter asked after. It imputes to its object the being that inquiry can wind itself around and the worth that arouses the interest implied in asking. The object of a question obliges by making of itself a sort of attractive nuisance, an irritating desire."