Mass Protests Force the Resignation of Puerto Rico's Scandal-Plagued Governor

"The governor's resignation came two days after a massive march in San Juan—reportedly one of the largest in the island's history—which saw protestors filling the city's main freeway demanding that Rosselló step down.

Earlier in the month, local media published some 900 pages of group texts involving the governor and senior members of his administration in which they made misogynistic remarks about female politicians, mocked victims of recent hurricanes, and expressed disdain for a federal oversight board that's been set up to guide the island out of its severe debt and pension crisis.
The island's economy has essentially been in recession since the mid-2000s and roughly 500,000 Puerto Ricans have left the island over the past decade, according to the Pew Research Center. Population loss and a shrinking private sector have only made it harder for Puerto Rico to cope with its government debt crisis. The island owes some $74 billion in debt and another $50 billion in pension obligations, according to a Wall Street Journal editorial."